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This clause enables you to specify a row sample phrase. A row pattern time period usually takes certainly one of the subsequent forms:

Make use of the Possessing clause to restrict the groups of returned rows to These groups for which the specified situation is TRUE. Should you omit this clause, then the database returns summary rows for all groups.


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The ordering_column is immediately included on the column checklist for the question identify. The query that selects from query_name can consist of an ORDER BY on ordering_column to return the rows in the buy which was specified from the SEARCH clause.

Use this clause to specify the quantity of rows or percentage of rows to return. If you do not specify this clause, then all rows are returned, commencing at row offset + 1.

The subquery need to return a listing of special values within the execution time in the pivot query. If your subquery would not return a unique value, then Oracle Database raises a operate-time mistake. Make use of the DISTINCT search term while in the subquery if you are not guaranteed the question will return exclusive values.

The query returns all rows with the desk or perspective in the foundation As well as about his in all open up PDBs, other than PDBs which are open up in RESTRICTED method.

The recursion will then halt for this row. That's, it won't hunt for little one rows for the offending row, but it's going to go on for other noncyclic rows.

When both of those clauses are applied collectively, the AS OF clause establishes the SCN or moment in time from which the database concerns the query.

Any time you be a part of a lot more than two row resources, you can use parentheses to override default precedence. As an example, the subsequent syntax:

Specify VERSIONS In between to retrieve various variations in the rows returned with the query. Oracle Database returns all committed versions from the rows that existed in between two SCNs or amongst two timestamp values.

Should you omit this clause, then the database returns all rows within the tables, views, or materialized sights in the FROM clause.

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